Consumer-Generated Media


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Consumer-Generated Media is important in this day and age it is we the voices of consumer that can be heard, shared, and researched. The most important factor is who uses this consumer generated media? Supposedly by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, ruffly about forty four percent of all people who have used the internet have contributed to CGM at least one time.

There are many advantages of consumer-generated media. A few of these advantages are you get views of a lot of people, with a larger grouper you get more information to fulfill gaps, many people can contribute and another benefit is saving money opposed to hiring an expert. There are also disadvantages but they do not out way the advantages. Some disadvantages are there can be negative feedback as well as the consumers giving feedback may not be experts and their feedback can escalate regardless of their position. 

Do you think the advantages out weight the disadvantages? 



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