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There is nothing like feeling taken. Many have fallen into the trap of E-Fraud and many have avoided it. I am one of the lucky one who has avoided it. E-fraud seems to be all over the internet, now days its hard to believe who is who anymore. I had a ring for sale a few months back and I had offer after offer from Nigeria, you send the ring I will send the check. Well I never went for it as I have heard to many stories, to the extent of people paying $1500 for a dog and getting scammed.


Here is proof of the reality of E-fraud. Renata Cox  , has a heart break story that bring life to the reality of E-fraud. She is a women from Michigan who decided to move to Nashville in search of a better life for her and her three children. She found a great house on craigslist, she negotiated with the “out of state” landlord in the end putting 1100 down for the house. In the end she found out on moving day the real landlord a women, who never even knew the man. Now Renata and her three children are living in their car, with thought of going back to Michigan.


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