Giving a speech, nature or knowledge?


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There are several different factors that go into giving a speech but even more in delivering a great one. So is giving a great speech in a persons nature or is it in their knowledge? According to Frobes it is in their knowledge, that any person has the ability to learn how to deliver a great speech.

A few of the important factors about giving a great speech are keeping it simple and focus on the purpose of the speech. If you load your speech up with unneeded information the audience may miss the purpose behind the speech. Another important factor in giving a great speech is understanding the topic your speaking about. It is also important to practice your speech before you deliver it the the actual audience so its more natural opposed to you just reading off a piece of paper.

What do you think the most important thing is to do when preparing a great speech?



Consumer-Generated Media


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Consumer-Generated Media is important in this day and age it is we the voices of consumer that can be heard, shared, and researched. The most important factor is who uses this consumer generated media? Supposedly by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, ruffly about forty four percent of all people who have used the internet have contributed to CGM at least one time.

There are many advantages of consumer-generated media. A few of these advantages are you get views of a lot of people, with a larger grouper you get more information to fulfill gaps, many people can contribute and another benefit is saving money opposed to hiring an expert. There are also disadvantages but they do not out way the advantages. Some disadvantages are there can be negative feedback as well as the consumers giving feedback may not be experts and their feedback can escalate regardless of their position. 

Do you think the advantages out weight the disadvantages? 


Value of Publicity


What is Intrinsic Value?

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What is the value of publicity?

Now days publicity is crucial to a company for what ever product or service that they offer. The questions is how does the company gain this publicity? There are several ways, though television, magazines, internet and ext. Then comes the questions what is the best way to gain this publicity and what are the advantages,

There are many values to gaining publicity. There are many reason I found on Flying Solo such as Commensurate with advertising rates, the triple somersault, circulation, or audience reach, reputation, credibility and influence. What do you think is the best advantage? What do you think the best way to gain the publicity is?


The taken


online scam gun e-commerce

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There is nothing like feeling taken. Many have fallen into the trap of E-Fraud and many have avoided it. I am one of the lucky one who has avoided it. E-fraud seems to be all over the internet, now days its hard to believe who is who anymore. I had a ring for sale a few months back and I had offer after offer from Nigeria, you send the ring I will send the check. Well I never went for it as I have heard to many stories, to the extent of people paying $1500 for a dog and getting scammed.


Here is proof of the reality of E-fraud. Renata Cox  , has a heart break story that bring life to the reality of E-fraud. She is a women from Michigan who decided to move to Nashville in search of a better life for her and her three children. She found a great house on craigslist, she negotiated with the “out of state” landlord in the end putting 1100 down for the house. In the end she found out on moving day the real landlord a women, who never even knew the man. Now Renata and her three children are living in their car, with thought of going back to Michigan.

No two people are alike! The motivation to change attitudes


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There has been many studies done regarding changing a person motivation. Two of the most popular studies are Herzberg’s theory of motivation and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Both studies are about motivators and attitudes.

Herzberg’s theory is “satisfiers describe a person’s relationship with what she or he does, many related to the tasks being performed. Dissatisfiers, on the other hand, have to do with a person’s relationship to the context or environment in which she or he performs the job. The satisfiers relate to what a person does while the dissatisfiers relate to the situation in which the person does what he or she does” (Gawel, 1997).

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs:

Table 1
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Level Type of Need Examples
1 Physiological Thirst, sex, hunger
2 Safety Security, stability, protection
3 Love and Belongingness To escape loneliness, love and be loved, and gain a sense of belonging
4 Esteem Self-respect, the respect others
5 Self-actualization To fulfill one’s potentialities

(Gawel, 1997).What do you think about the two different studies?Reference 

Gawel, Joseph E. (1997). Herzberg’s theory of motivation and maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 5(11). Retrieved July 17, 2014 from

Spinning whirl wind in the world of Public Relations


Spin[1]Courtesy of Dr. Tim Ball “Public Relations (Spin Doctors) Deliberately Deceived Public About Global Warming and Climate Change

Have your ever watched a commercial or read an ad that had a publicly well known person in it and thought to yourself, ya right! Those commercials on television where a super star is talking about how they wear maybelline and the only thing you can think is, ya sure you make millions ever year but I am sure you get your foundation from Wal-Mart. 

Now if you think that is bad, you are in for whirl wind of shock. From makeup to politics! With mid term elections going on there are words floating in the air like pollution. Democrat Allison Lundergan Grimes who is in this election make a great example of spin. Grimes who is a a supporter of Obamacare that reduced Medicare by 700 billion dollars made a very deceptive commercial to deceive the public about Medicare to get more support for Obamacare. The ad is spin such a distorting and deceiving ad, making them public think it is about them when really it’s just about her support for Obamacare! 

Grimes’s ad featured a retired coal miner, seated next to Grimes, asking: “I want to know how you coulda voted to raise my Medicare costs by $6,000. How are my wife and I supposed to afford that?”

What do you think about what Grimes did?